How pink, pink can be

So the joys of spring have finally fired me up again. Just returned from an amazing first family skiing experience in the french alps. I know this isn’t a travel blog but the stunning, panoramic views of sun touched, white topped mountains is enough to get the creative mind active. And it wasn’t just the  breathtaking scenery and lungfuls of clean clean air…. on the trip back we did a stop over at a B&B Jack had found online. It proved, quite unexpectedly to be another kick start for the sluggish imagination. La Beuceronne, as Ruby so astutely pointed out wasn’t really a hotel but somebody’s house. Our room was  huge high ceilinged and fushia pink, complete with a  mezzanine for the kids and  much to their delight, a spiral staircase. Everywhere around was antique paraphenalia,  faux turkish rugs and oil paintings.  Max discovered  the matching pink toilet paper which I think was also a first for us all. Alain and Xavier, the proprietors, were wonderful and explained that most of the furniture and antiques were family heirlooms. A recent guest had remarked that it was a museum but I disagreed, it was more like a gallery, full of inspiration. Is there such a term as antique kitch?  They took great pleasure in showing us their wedding album at breakfast in which most of their female friends wore wedding dresses to make up for the lack of a bride!  What a blessing to humankind gay men can be, although I wouldn’t want to be the unfortunate soul who gets to dust all those nic- nacs.


Pink picture to follow



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