Out to Lunch

A blog I enjoy following is ‘Pasties & Cream’ . The author has a professional style to which I aspire  although I know that I’ll probably never put in the hours it would take to learn to post in such a way. In fact, to be fair to us lowly scribblers, I believe she IS a professional writer. She makes great discoveries of things to do and see around Cornwall, unfortunately they’re usually just that little bit too far for us to hike from North Cornwall. She has inspired me though to share some of my more unconventional discoveries and perhaps expand slightly to encompass foody delights too.

Check out the Bedruthen Steps Hotel at Mawgan Porth, it’s a delight. I took my mum there last week for a half day spa with tapas lunch- a fantastic deal for only £30.00. A stone’s throw away from the beach, the restaurant and spa is glass fronted and overlooks the beautiful coastline. Huge sea facing jacuzzi and truly delicious food. Vegetarian collection of wonderful flavoursome delights. Things I would never dream of doing with a beetroot or a sweet potato. Surrounded by flashes of brightly coloured  furniture, our taste buds zinging with spices, we were transported from a  dismal grey day out into exotic climes.

Oh the joy of occasionally being ladies out to lunch.


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