Uke Songs for Christmas

Some days I LOVE the internet…. just found a brilliant ukele christmas songbook online….. really easy to follow for us novices… and it’s a free PDF download! see Ukele Christmas Songbook-Ukuke.   Ruby’s busy practising her two piano carols and so me and Max mustn’t be outdone. It’ll be our first christmas ‘around the piano’ ( no one else can play)  At the weekend I was introduced to a game where you have to get an After Eight to slide down your face and into your mouth, needless to say it takes a lot of animated twitching and contorted facial expressions. It was, without doubt one of the funniest thing I’ve seen, or done, in a long time. Can’t see my eighty four year old mother in law being game for that one… but what a great way to get through those boxes of chocolate mints that always seem to doggedly appear through the festive season.


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